1955 Double Die Penny, One of the Best Errors

The 1955 penny, double die obverse, is one of the most recognizable errors of modern coins. The penny can feature very strong doubling across all letters and the date on the obverse. The best error examples double and offset the text about 50%.

While the pictures may get a little grainy, it’s easy to see the large offset on “IN GOD WE TRUST” on the top of the penny.

Along with the top motto doubling, the date also shows very strong offset doubling.

1955 Double Die

Finally, “Liberty” also shows a very strong doubling.

Liberty Double Die

This coin is on everyone’s wish list or is a star of their collection. It has been estimated that there were 20,000 examples produced of this 1955 double die penny.

While the above example highlights a very prominent and strong doubling, other examples offset slightly and are commonly called the “Poor Man’s Double Die.” The value of these examples are a fraction of the stronger double dies.

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  1. I have a 1999 creaser Rodney quarter. It has an odd Mark ju inside the rim and horses front hooves. Looks like a e or w any idea what I’m seeing????

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