2011 Glacier Quarter Errors

The US mint released the Glacier Quarter April 4, 2011, the 7th release of the America the Beautiful series. The quarter portrays the Glacier National Park on the coin’s reverse.

2011-ATB-Quarters-Proof-Glacier1As of now, there are no major error varieties of this coin.

9 thoughts on “2011 Glacier Quarter Errors”

    1. I have this quarter with what seems to be errors on the front with the ring that runs through all the words around the front face of the quarter it’s perfectly centered and it matches up with the ring on the back of the quarter please help

    2. where are the errors at on the glacier 2011 p quarter! I havent seen this coin before so any help would be very helpful! thanks !

  1. i have a 2011 Montana state quarter ( Glacier Park ) . It weight is 5.78 . A regular quarter WT is 5.57 , a Silver quarter WT is 6.35 . it looks silver , no cooper show’s around the edges like any other coin’s . i have done research on many site’s and come back empty or no results for this inquiry . I would really like some kind of feed back regarding this particular coin an find out its authenticity an value . Thank you

  2. I have a Montana 2011 glacier quarter printed error on both sides and two different color on it. I would like to know if this coin is worth something ?I also have pics and I would like some feed back thanks..

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