10 thoughts on “2011 Chickasaw Quarter Errors”

    1. I believe I found one like this aswell , all edges are silver there is absolutely no trace of copper on any part of the coin ! Very interested in figuring out what this is and what it may be worth

    2. Divus Caligula-fornicus

      Might be a proof coin. Check the mint mark to see where it was made then check if they did any proof strikes or anything. You could also check around to see if there were any special strikes of anything at the same mint prior to that by a year or a few. That’s how the wrong platchet gets used on some coins. Usually on a transition year but the state quarters are all transition years aren’t They. Maybe a silver platchet got in there somewhere.

  1. I have a set of 2009-2012 uncirculated 60 quarters, on my P & D 2011 Chickasaw quarters they both read “in God wi trust.”
    The E of we is not full, not sure how many others are like this but this is the only error I found so far.

  2. Yesterday I was handed one of these quarters in change. The one I got has no grooves on the edge of the coin. Does this give it any special value?

  3. I’m just starting to find my own errors in the quarter series of parks in the north Dakota, Teddy is a dd finders dream on reverse every field is doubled at the sw of there margins severely times there’s a cud on his pants leg and the horses shoulder. On the obverse side dd continues with several eyes, noses and chins. Then if we move to the ear, There’s also several extra. Good series for finding your own errors

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