2010 Hot Springs Quarter Errors

The US mint released the Arkansas Hot Springs Quarter January 26, 2010, the 1st release of the America the Beautiful series. The quarter portrays the Hot Springs National Park on the coin’s reverse.

Arkansas Hot Springs QuarterAs of now, there are no major error varieties of this coin.

4 thoughts on “2010 Hot Springs Quarter Errors”

  1. I have one of these quarters that has the Hot Spring National Park symbol in gold. Hot Springs and 2010 is also in gold. Nothing else is gold and is the color of a normal quarter. I can’t find any information on this particular one. All I find is the all gold ones. Any idea about this one?

  2. I have uncirculated 2010 Hott springs quarters with die errors in the windows, but cannot find any information on this error.

  3. Uncirculated 60 Arkansas national parks state quarter with a large striking error with large crack appearing on right tower – very interesting appearance – my first impression was that it was supposed to be there – has anyone seen something like it

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