4 thoughts on “2011 Vicksburg Quarter Errors”

  1. I have a 2011 Vicksburg with the 2011 being printed high and actually and the waves where the water starts at the bottom of the coin it was very obvious by that Eye. If you would like a picture send me an email and I will send it

  2. I have a 2011 Vicksburg that the edges r smooth and there is smooth blemishes on both side in the same spot this may be the first known error Coin. The blemishes are on the front of the steamboat u can’t really see the front of the boat and from the cheap to the mullet on Washington’s head but I have only seen two other quarters like it neither are this year

  3. I have a 2011 Vicksburg quarter and there’s 2 very distinct miss prints on it one is on the back and it’s sunk in miss pressed or something and then at the top of back side it’s raised up and has a bunch of bumps

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