8 thoughts on “2011 Gettysburg Quarter Errors”

  1. I have a Gettysburg quarter, D mint mark, 2011 date. The coin has a date stamp error. It has the L in the word Liberty missing. The coin is in good shape.

    1. I found an error
      with the Gettysburg D quarter
      when a few of these quarters
      where minted
      the clamps were to tight
      and left 3 clamp marks
      on the coin

  2. Sorry I made a mistake, when I said the quarter had a date stamp error, sorry it does not. But it does have the L missing from the word Liberty.

  3. I found a 2011 Gettysburg quarter with the L missing in Liberty. I found it from a half tube of uncirculated quarters that I possess. Mint mark is D.

  4. I have a Gettysburg Denver mint quarter that has the letters “ttysb” of Gettysburg not stamped. The rim shows no odd wear or no wear on the missing letters area. Will add photo if this could be a minting error. Have you seen or aware of any such mint error. Thanks

  5. There were no KNOWN errors, but I also found a 2011 Gettysburg Denver mint uncirculated quarter with the letter L in Liberty missing (faint on the rim QU from quarter and AR from dollar). This is an uncirculated coin and it is definitely an error coin – you can see it with the naked eye and compare with any other Denver mint coin from the National Parks edition.

  6. I have a 2011 Denver mint mark Gettysburg Quarter Dollar which is missing the L in Liberty as well as the second T of “in god we trust”. Does anyone know what the process is for finding out what it’s value may possibly be?

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