8 thoughts on “2012 Chaco Culture Quarter Errors”

  1. I don’t know if you call this an error or not but I have one that has a different impression on the back than George Washington is on top of the impression and it’s clearly visible.

  2. Wayland Whitehead

    I have an error on the 2012 Chaco Culture P mint new Mexico quarter on the front. The quarter dollar on the bottom clearly is double died.

  3. Wayland Whitehead

    I was just wondering if anybody had sent me an email wanting to see it, I would love to share a picture and or video, I’ve been trying to find another quarter of its kind of the kickers culture, but I have not, unfortunately, come across one to compare with, also I was wanting to know what be the process of me getting it looked at and about you and what would be the possible price on it.like to get with me email me at waylandew1984@gmail.com

  4. I don’t know if it’s an error coin or what but I have one of those quarters with a reverse side that’s rotated 180 degrees or atleast very close so 180°

  5. Antonio Acevedo

    I have one that has raised outer rim on both sides which is a little smaller then a regular quarter is it worth anything also missing alot of detail to front and back

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