2010 Grand Canyon Quarter Errors

The US mint released the Grand Canyon Quarter September 20, 2010, the 4th release of the America the Beautiful series. The quarter portrays the Grand Canyon National Park on the coin’s reverse.

2010-AZ-ProofAs of now, there are no major error varieties of this coin.

6 thoughts on “2010 Grand Canyon Quarter Errors”

  1. Teresa Rose Morancie

    I found in my change a quarter 2010 national park it is gold in color tilt you see little silver. On the top and bottom are deep strike marks making the 0 in 2010 hardly visible on obverse on top deep strike makes letters hard to verify and I feel more errors are on this coin my number is (207)631-5094 my son casey’s phone he can speak with anyone I would like to sell this any buyers out there will send pic through my son’s phone

  2. I have a 2010 D grand Canyon quarter that has triple DDD under the R,Z and O in Arizona.
    Obviously I don’t think anybody has seen this because on the site it says there is no known defects of this coin

  3. I have a 2010 D Grand Canyon Arizona quarter a lot of sites say there is no errors on this quarter but where the Arizona it’s triple die.
    Anyone have any remarks or what I should do besides just keep it

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