2010 Yosemite Quarter Errors

The US mint released the Yosemite Quarter July 26, 2010, the 3rd release of the America the Beautiful series. The quarter portrays the Yosemite National Park on the coin’s reverse.

2010-CA-ProofAs of now, there are no major error varieties of this coin.

6 thoughts on “2010 Yosemite Quarter Errors”

  1. Teresa Rose Morancie

    my 2010 grand canyon state quarter (I found with my change) has major deep errors. On top and bottom there are gouges deep one on the bottom. The 0 in 2010 is cut with this gouge and the R is not readable.

    1. Queffer sutherland

      Hello, I also have a 2010 yosemite quarter that just says iberty on it, so my question is that if a grease strike is a fluke thing then how can there be multiple yosemite quarters all missing the L

  2. I have a 2010 Yosemite quarter that is completely smooth on the obverse side and on the reverse side you can make out the center of coin showing the man on raft , the land on the right , the bird in the center plus there various other things that let you know what the coin is!! What does anyone think of this??

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