9 thoughts to “2014 Arches Quarter Errors”

  1. Have an arches quarter with a large glob left on the right top of the arch to the,almost the top of the coin.

  2. I believe I may have an errrored 2014 Utah Arches quarter. My quarter has a circle not only on the tails side but also on the president’s head side. What should I do?

  3. I have a 2014 arches quarter that has a chunk taken out of it were it’s says utah you can barley see the letters were it says utah and you can hold another quarter were the chujnks out and it fits perfectly I think it’s a dye error

  4. I have an Arches quarter with a circular stamp mark through the letters on the front side. The coin looks as if the front design was printed onto the back side of the quarter. I haven’t seen this with any other coins.

  5. I have a 2014 Arches quarter with a diy crack right in the middle of the Arches making it look like a lighting strike

  6. I have found an error on the distant mountain between the arches. At first it looked like a deep scratch, than I found another in the same position but much lighter. It looks like the mountain is erupting like a volcano.

  7. Received in change a 2014 Utah quarter. It appears to be struck on an other than copper clad disc. Anything like this reported? It looks to be aluminum or possibly zinc without the copper cladding.

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