9 thoughts to “2014 Great Sand Dunes Quarter Errors”

  1. I came across a 2014p with doubling on quarter dollar as well as p mintmark,Also slight doubling on back on e pluribus unum.

  2. I have this coin. And the. Back side of it. Is not. Glossy and. Shines. Like the front it’s very dull. Like it was never finished

  3. I have a 2014 GSD quarter that, when flipped from the back to the front, the front is rotated about 45 degrees clockwise. The mint is D. Is this normal for a NP quarter?

  4. I have a 2014-D Great Sand Dunes quarter with an error. The reverse side is rotated about 60 degrees. Normal quarters have a 180 degree rotation. The error is quite noticeable. Are there any other reports of such an error?

  5. I have a 2014 great sand dunes quarter. On the back side of the coin. There is a straight line running diagonal separating a darker cooler coin to a shiny coin. This does not apoear on front if coin. 2/3 of coin is dark. 1/3 is shiny and only on back.

  6. I have one that seem to be goldish brown in areas of both sides of coin. Very odd,I must say. So, i will keep it in my error coin box with the dozens of other odd coins collected over time.

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