28 thoughts on “2014 Great Sand Dunes Quarter Errors”

  1. I came across a 2014p with doubling on quarter dollar as well as p mintmark,Also slight doubling on back on e pluribus unum.

  2. I have this coin. And the. Back side of it. Is not. Glossy and. Shines. Like the front it’s very dull. Like it was never finished

  3. I have a 2014 GSD quarter that, when flipped from the back to the front, the front is rotated about 45 degrees clockwise. The mint is D. Is this normal for a NP quarter?

  4. George Thullesen

    I have a 2014-D Great Sand Dunes quarter with an error. The reverse side is rotated about 60 degrees. Normal quarters have a 180 degree rotation. The error is quite noticeable. Are there any other reports of such an error?

  5. I have a 2014 great sand dunes quarter. On the back side of the coin. There is a straight line running diagonal separating a darker cooler coin to a shiny coin. This does not apoear on front if coin. 2/3 of coin is dark. 1/3 is shiny and only on back.

  6. I have one that seem to be goldish brown in areas of both sides of coin. Very odd,I must say. So, i will keep it in my error coin box with the dozens of other odd coins collected over time.

    1. I have one as well! Mainly on the reverse almost as if the coin was burnt where the man and boy stand. Ive been trying to find another coin like it. I hope you see this. Please email me nikole1307@ymail.com

  7. I’m looking now at a 2014 Great Sand Dunes (Colorado), D, and on the reverse there is a very straight line running from the top border down through the neck of the adult, the midsection of the child, down over the border very nearly touching the rim. There, it turns right (leaving a little elongated triangle pointing right a bit like an arrow), passes through E PLURIBU (passing under the S) hitting the rim. The line, very straight, then comes from the edge, the rim, from up at about the top , 12 o’clock (ish) through the top of the letter A and the bottom of S (in “Sand”) across to close to where the first line mentioned begins at about 10 o’clock above the figures, not crossing the border or touching the rim and not really coming together that I can see, but close. Within this outlined area, with these lines looking like geometrical shape squared off creating diagonal lines but following the curve of the rim for most of the right side, the coin is dull, like it has a perfectly squared piece of dirty clear tape attached to it. No, there’s no tape. Outside of this area, the left side of the coin, outside of this diagonal line passing from about 10 o’clock to about 5 o’clock, the coin shines. This is too wordy, I know, but I haven’t a way presently to post a photo. Seeing others and pictures of other coins of this type, this obviously isn’t by design, but it is very obvious to the eye. Error? Something needing to be cleaned? Likely meaningless.

    1. I have a 2014 great sand dunes quarter that is blank in the center on the back (I had to look it up to see the picture) also is blank about 1/8th of an inch around the front edge. The front edge taller than normal and has the ridges actually on the front of the lip around the edges. Both sides of the coin are silver in color but when yo look at the edge the copper is almost showing on the back. I know nothing about rare coins but I do know the stamping error on this coin is really, really bad! When I went to research it all I can find is that there are no stamping errors for this coin. That’s crap, I have one that’s bad and obvious. Any advice would be much appreciated! I would love to send pictures to authenticate or discredit this coin!

  8. I have a 2014 quarter that is blank in the center on the back. The front has a deeper stamp than normal. The ridges on the edge are hardly there and are actually deeper on the front edge of the coin and there are none on the back edge at all. Also about an eighth of the front is blank all the way around. It is an obvious obvious stamping error. I was looking for quarters for the carwash and it actually caught my attention. I am anything but a coin collector and know very little about it. When I looked it up all I could find is that there are no stamping errors for this coin. This raises my curiosity about the value of the coin as it seems it could possibly be one of a kind. It has obviously been in circulation since production but I’m going to hang on to it until I can learn more. If anyone has any info that could be helpful please reply. I’m checking this out with great hopes of sitting on a goldmine. 🙂 I would love to send someone knowledgeable of such things!!!!!

  9. My 2014 Great Sand Dunes quarter doesn’t have a ridge on it. I thought that was pretty cool so now I’m gonna keep it lol

  10. I have a 2014 p great sand dunes quarter and it has 4 small day’s on the cheek and two 0 on the back and also a number 3 on the back

  11. I have a 2014 p national parks colorado quarter with a major minting error. The quarter looks as though it’s been smashed and it’s not perfectly round. No shine to either side. Die breaks in it. I thought It was just an beat up quarter but there was something about it.. So I went to a coin show today. A few different collectors looked at it, weighed and measured it. It’s a big time minting error they said.

  12. I have a great sand dunes with a Connecticut state stamped over the obverse.Its not been pressed by anyone. Also, a 2013p Nevada great basin struck on nickel planchet, no ridges, weighs 5.53 grams.

  13. I just came across a quarter with these exact same errors. No ridges around the edge of quarter, barely legible “2014” at the bottom with no words. It’s in excellent shape

  14. I just got one and half of the obverse is bubbled and on the reverse there is two holes and a rather obvious die break. Also the obverse is hardly visible. I’m sending in to be graded in the am.

  15. I just came across this 2014 quarter dollar and it seems to be struck on the face side with a circle through U.S.A. also just recently started collecting coins. so not really sure what to look for. so I just use the net to research coins this one is definitely flawed. I know it would be hard to catch at the mint, but come on let’s not rule out any flaws

  16. I have a 2014 Philadelphia mint Great Sand dunes double die reverse quarter. It is in excellent condition I believe at least ms66 possibly more. If anyone’s interested please email me I will send you photos. You can also find me in the Facebook group coin-oop

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